Mr Bingo Ball

Mr Bingo Ball 1.4.4

Play bingo against the clock on Android

Mr Bingo Ball is an Android game that will challenge your bingo playing skills. View full description


  • Fun to play at first
  • Different levels themed around countries
  • Online leaderboards


  • Becomes difficult to win after a while
  • Repetitive gameplay

Not bad

Mr Bingo Ball is an Android game that will challenge your bingo playing skills.

Eyes down for a full house

The challenge in Mr Bingo Ball is to mark off all the numbers on your bingo card (i.e. a full house) before the time runs out. The balls drop down and you must tap the accept button if you have that number on your card, or the reject button if you don't. Call it wrong and seconds will be knocked off your maximum time.

Along the way you can earn (or buy) power-ups in Mr Bingo Ball that give you hints, add more time on, or automatically clear a square. There are different levels to unlock which are all themed around countries. You unlock them by building up your XP points.

To play a game in Mr Bingo Ball you need to spend game coins, which you win by getting full houses.

Mr Bingo Ball features leaderboards where you can pit yourself against your Facebook friends and against all other players around the world.

Is it easy to play?

The main menu in Mr Bingo Ball is a bit overwhelming at first look, packing lots of information and options into one screen. However, once you work out what everything does you'll be comfortable with it.

Playing the game itself is very easy. All you need to do is look at the number that drops down and hit the red button to reject it or the green button to check it off if you have it. The power-up button in the middle allows you to access your stored power-ups.

Although the controls themselves are easy, it doesn't mean it's easy to win. In fact, at times you feel that the game is playing you. At first you'll win a few games and build up some game coins, but after a while you'll find yourself always waiting for one or two numbers to come up and they don't appear.

How does it look?

Mr Bingo Ball is nicely presented. The levels are colorful, and the inclusion of backgrounds themed around countries helps to add variety. Sound effects are nice too and you get a satisfying ping and vibration when you successfully check off a number.

The verdict

Mr Bingo Ball is great fun to play at first. However, the repetitive nature of the gameplay and the fact that it becomes increasingly hard to win games means that the fun factor soon fades.

Mr Bingo Ball


Mr Bingo Ball 1.4.4